A Unique Approach to Jewish Affiliation

"Every person shall give as they are able according to the blessings that

Adonai, your God has bestowed upon you." Deuteronomy 16:17

Our Financial Philosophy


  • We believe that it should not cost thousands of dollars to consider yourself an affiliated Jew.  
  • We believe that any Jew who wishes to do so, should be able to join us without membership dues being a barrier. 


Our Plan


We have an entirely voluntary system for raising the necessary funds to sustain our community. You decide your contribution level. 


Based on the projected annual costs of operating, we have established an optional sustaining annual commitment level of $1800.  This is the amount that each household would need to contribute in order for us to meet our operational budgetary obligations.  


  • For some, our sustaining level might be beyond your means. For others, it may be a starting point. That’s the beauty of the voluntary commitment– each of us chooses an amount that represents our personal financial capacity.  All we ask is that you give accordingly. 
  • Tuition in the Sunday Learning Center is fixed at $1300 per student. This grants parents FULL membership in Chai Center. 
  • Please give generously and grow with us!

Remember that our Jewish community depends on your financial support!