A Unique Approach to Jewish Affiliation
"Eternal God, open my lips and let my mouth declare your praise."  Psalm 51

Friday Evening "Share-A-Shabbat"


One Friday evening per month, we gather as a Chai Center community for a casual, enriching Shabbat experience. 

We light the Shabbat candles, sing songs, share in beautiful Shabbat blessings, learn a little about Judaism, and enjoy the camaraderie with other Jewish families.  

Some Fridays are hosted at a supporter's home, as we each contribute to a casual pot-luck dinner. 

Other Fridays are held at Chai Center where one of our partner rabbis or cantors and musicians joins us.  These are musically

 infused experiences.

SPECIAL NOTE:  For the near future, we are holding a Virtual Friday evening musical Shabbat service every Friday evening at 7:30 - led by Rabbi Debra Smith. 


VIRTUAL Shabbat Morning Study Experience

Every Saturday, our supporters gather for a morning of spiritual enrichment.  

Our morning begins at 9:15 am with an engaging exploration of a Torah portion or conversations on a Jewish topic.  
At 10:30 am we continue with a Shabbat service, complete with Kaddish and MiShebrach.
Three times per month, our sessions are led by one of our partner rabbis. On other mornings, we are lay-led.  
   May 16:     Rabbi Josh Goldstein: Emancipation & Enlightenment
   May 23:     Rabbi Debra Smith: Commandment 7: Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
   May 30:     Rabbi Kim Geringer: Jewish History thru primary sources
   June 6:      Rabbi Debra Smith: Commandment 8: Do Not Steal
   June 13:    Rabbi Kim Geringer: Jewish history thru primary sources
   June 20:    Rabbi Josh Goldstein: Stories of Y.L. Peretz

We invite you to share these community experiences with us.