A Unique Approach to Jewish Affiliation
"Eternal God, open my lips and let my mouth declare your praise."  Psalm 51

Friday Evening "Share-A-Shabbat"


One Friday evening per month, we gather as a Chai Center community for a casual, enriching Shabbat experience. 

We light the Shabbat candles, sing songs, share in beautiful Shabbat blessings, learn a little about Judaism, and enjoy the camaraderie with other Jewish families.  

Some Fridays are hosted at a supporter's home, as we each contribute to a casual pot-luck dinner. 

Other Fridays are held at Chai Center where one of our partner rabbis or cantors and musicians joins us.  These are musically

 infused experiences.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming dates: 

  • June 21:      Share-A-Shabbat - hosted at the home of Traci & Adam Blank
  • July  19:      Share-A-Shabbat - hosted at the home of Meredith & David Fishelman
  • August 9:      Share-A-Shabbat - hosted pool-side at the home of Shari & Gabe Halpern


Shabbat Morning Study Experience

Every Saturday, our supporters gather for a morning of spiritual enrichment.  

Our morning begins at 9:00 am with noshing & shmoozing.  Members volunteer to provide a breakfast nosh, challah & wine. 
Following that, we engage in an intellectual exploration of a Torah portion or conversations on a Jewish topic. We participate together in a relaxed and highly participatory style.  Three times per month, our sessions are led by one of our partner rabbis. On other mornings, we are lay-led.  Opportunities are available to recite Kaddish or ask for the healing of a loved one.

   June 8:       Rabbi Kim Geringer: Jewish reform movements 
   June 15:       Rabbi Josh Goldstein: Arnold Eisen & David Ellenson
   June 22:       Lay-led: parsha Beha'alotcha
   June 29:       Lay-led: parsha Sh'lach
   July  6:         Rabbi Debra Smith: the Journey of the Soul

We invite you to share these community experiences with us.